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COCO Bidets Benefit Women's Health



Benefits for Women

1. Over half of all females will visit or have visited the doctor for urinary tract infections. One of the causes of urinary tract infections is the way we wipe with toilet paper. The COCO bidet can help reduce the occurences of urinary tract infections.

2. The COCO bidet provides a natural way of alleviating the symptoms associated with menstruation.

3. The COCO bidet easily attaches to your existing toilet and uses aerated water that can be pressure and temperature controlled to clean you. The COCO bidet makes the whole bathroom experience much more comfortable, hygenic, and virtually hands free.

4. The COCO Bidet is helpful to women during and after pregnancy.

5. The COCO can assist on alleviating the discomfort associated with hemorrhoids and constipation.

6. The COCO bidet is also a great way to get clean before and after sexual intercourse.

7. The COCO bidet is a great way to add comfort and aesthetics to you pre-exisitng bathroom.

8. The COCO bidet is very easy to install.




The bidet is an invaluable asset in maintaining a women’s health. With today’s growing demands and a fast pace of life, electric bidets make it easier for the modern day women to stay clean and feeling fresh all day long. There are numerous advantages that the COCO bidet can provide. For more information about the COCO bidet in general, please consult with your physician or give us a call and one of us would be pleased to assist you.



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