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Testimonials For The COCO Bidet



John, Avery, Christina, and Aspen

"Our family loves using the COCO Bidet. We can't ever imagine going back to plain old toilet paper. We especially love the warm toilet seat."


Dr. Bobby Kang


"The COCO bidet is a fantastic product. Using the COCO bidet is much more hygienic than using just toilet paper. I recommend the COCO Bidet to all of my patients."



Christy M.


"I just had a baby and i am so happy that I have a COCO Bidet. My private area has been sensitive afer giving birth, but the COCO Bidet makes the trip to the bathroom so much more enjoyable."



David Roberts _____________ Colorado Springs, CO


"I have to say that at first I wasn't to keen on the idea of water cleaning my private areas. My girlfriend got me to try it and I was amazed at how clean I felt afterwords. I don't know how you guys make all of that technology work but Thank you."



Amy Kimberly _____________ Mesa, AZ


"I love my COCO bidet. I've showed it to all of my friends. I don't want to use any restroom now unless it has a COCO Bidet."



Anonymous Letter


"Dear Bio Life, I have been suffering from hemorrhoids now for over two years. It just came out of nowhere and it was very embarrasing. Medicine was getting costly, not to mention uncomfortable. With the COCO bidet my hemorrhoids have subsided and when I did have my symptoms, the COCO bidet was a lot kinder to me than abrasive toilet paper. I still use toilet paper once in a while as it is hard to break the habit but I insist on having warm water clean me to prevent the buildup of bacteria. Thanks for introducing me to this wonderful product. You guys are the best."



R. Calhoun _______________ Michigan


"Hi OMG! I am impressed...We did receive the seat prior to now, but just got around to installing it today. My husband said it was easy to install. It is made of high quality material and works great! What an experience. I was the first user! My father however is not impressed, that is to say not yet! I believe that when he has another attack of constipation he will believe in it! Thanks so much! Everyone should have one of these!





R. Calhoun _______________ Michigan


"Hi, I just wanted to give you an update...As, I told you...My father was not at all impressed by the seat...not at first...But now he LOVES it!!! I thought he probably would come around once he got the hang of it! The remote is very easy for him to operate, being that he has limited use of his hands now...and the fact that he can sit and get his bottom washed...aids me in finishing the job...We also use it for that function and I just sponge bathe his body and even dress him all while he sits on a heated seat. This is his routine now, since getting in and out of the bath tub is quite a hard situation. So, he gets the tub bath once a week and the daily maintenance on the throne!!! LOL

Thanks again!



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