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COCO Bidet Product Line
NEW!!! OMNI LR Bidet Seat
COCO 6235 Bidet Toilet Seat
(elongated and round)
COCO 1035 Bidet
(elongated and round)
NEW!!! COCO 9500R Bidet Seat
(elongated and round)
NEW!!! COCO 9500X Bidet Seat
COCO 8035R Hybrid Bidet
(universal fits elongated or round)


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Our Commitment Is to Provide You With the Very Best Bidets at the Very Best Price.

We took the guess work out for you by doing our research. Customers shopping for a bidet want the very best in features, such as never ending warm water, heated seats, air dryer, aerated water, deodorizer etc. So we decided to make the COCO XR bidets have all of the features one can think of at a very attractive price while at the same time providing you the best in quality and aesthetics. BIDETS.COM is excited to introduce to you our new line of bidet seats and we are confident that you are going to absolutley love your new COCO Bidet.

Make sure your bidet is a COCO bidet!

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