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World's Best Green Products

By Mike Edwards
January 9, 2008

The world is becoming more aware of our environment daily. People are concerned with purchasing products that can help improve our environment. According to, paper manufacturing consists of over 28% of all of the trees that are cut down. The bath tissue industry is a 4.1 billion dollar industry.

Because of the growing awareness, many people consider the COCO bidet to be the world’s best green product. The COCO bidet cleanses the user with soothing water that can be temperature and pressure controlled. The COCO bidet then dries the user with a warm air dryer making it unnecessary to use toilet paper. The COCO bidet uses less than 1/8th gallon water per use. To put this into perspective, the average toilet uses nearly four gallons of water per flush.

The COCO bidet is also much more effective in cleaning the user than toilet paper alone. For example when we wash our dishes we use water and then we dry our dishes with paper. The same concept should be applied when cleaning the most sensitive parts of our body. The COCO bidet even has a remote control to make the whole experience as easy and as comfortable as possible.

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