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COCO 2235 Bidet
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GENESIS 1000 Bidet
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The COCO Bidet Is the Ultimate Gadget for Your Bathroom


The COCO bidet is the ultimate gadget for your bathroom. We are honored to have been mentioned by the Associated Press, the world’s largest and oldest newsgathering organization. Please click on the following link to read the article. Bidet Gadgt News The elegant and state of the art COCO 6035R can fit most existing toilets including one piece toilets with a French curve.

COCO bidet collage

Although the COCO bidet is very elegant in design, what is more impressive is its technology. We used the best materials available so that the COCO bidet would last for years to come. The COCO bidet is made of a patented antibacterial composite to help prevent bacteria.

Our primary concern when developing the COCO bidet is your comfort and hygiene. The COCO redefines the meaning of state of the art. The COCO bidet boasts some of the best technology that is available at an affordable price.

The COCO bidet is easy to install and maintain and can fit virtually any toilet. The COCO bidet comes with a full one year warranty and 3 year limited warranty.

The COCO 6035R improves the appearance of any bathroom. You use the bathroom 365 days per year. You owe it to yourself to experience a whole new level of clean and comfort. Experience the difference.

COCO bidet containers

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The Bidet is the perfect idea for Bathroom Remodeling. This is the Electronic Bidet to have.

COCO bidets set a new standard in bidet bathroom remodeling projects. Our bathroom fixtures and our wide range of bidet toilet seats make for great bathroom fixtures. The COCO bidet can fit almost any Japanese toilet and almost any American toilet. COCO bidets are the leading bidets for hemorrhoids hygiene consideration. This bidet toilet sets a new standard in personal hygiene.

The COCO bidet is well known for being the choice of the highly sophisticated individual. It is common knowledge that paper alone cannot clean our body as effectively as water. The COCO bidet is the perfect bathroom idea.
By using the COCO bidet you will have the experience of feeling cleaner than you ever have before. You will start to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. The COCO bidet is synonymous with comfort. The temperature of the seat and water is up to you. The air dryer makes it possible for the bathroom experience to be totally hands free. With the wireless remote, comfort and hygiene is at your fingertips.
The COCO bidet improves the aesthetics and functionality of your existing bathroom. It is easy to install and can fit almost any toilet.
From now on every time you use the COCO bidet, you will have the confidence and experience of feeling truly clean and rejuvenated.
Now is the time to make the change. Experience the difference. Many of our customers send us letters telling us how much cleaner they feel after using the COCO Bidet. Stop using abrasive toilet paper and experience what it feel likes to be truly clean after using the bathroom. Thank you for taking the time to read this very important letter. I hope you join us in our mission of setting a new standard in personal hygiene. The COCO Bidet is the beginning of your new lifestyle and improved health.



Timeline of the Bidet 

The word bidet originally was a French word meaning pony.  It is believed that the bidet was an invention of furniture makers from France in the early 18th century. 

In the early 1900’s the bidet moved from being in the bedroom into the bathroom as plumbing advanced. 

In the mid 1900’s the bidet was a separate fixture than the toilet. 

Around 1960 the first electronic bidets that were used as attachments came about.  Bidets grew in popularity in Europe and Asia.  Now the bidet is in almost in one out of two homes in Europe and Asia.

Around the year 2000 bidets are increasing in technology but are still too expensive.  They are only used by extremely wealthy people.

Today – The Genesis Bidet arrives.  Bio Life technologies establishes relationships with the top minds of the bidet industry to bring you the ultimate bidets.  The Genesis bidet makes it affordable for everyone to own a bidet.  Our line of bidets range from the most sophisticated, such as the Genesis 2235 Rr  to the most basic such as the Genesis 200 which runs without the need for electricity.  The Genesis bidet is an excellent way to provide home improvement for your bathroom. The Genesis is a perfect addition to add luxury to any home and add comfort and peace of mind to any retirement home. Bio Life Technologies LLC's mission is to provide a way to improve women's health, men's health, and senior's health. Whatever your needs, a Genesis will help you feel more confident, clean, and comfortable all day long. Who needs a bidet? It can help prevent urinary tract infection, hemorrhoids, and constipation. Culture of the bidet

Bathroom Ideas

Distributors needed all over the world

Our line of bidet seats include:

COCO 2235Re Bidet          - This is our 5 star rating electric bidet – These bidets offers the very best in
                                    in technology.  This bidet comes in white/elongated and comes
                                    with a remote.

COCO 1000 Rr Bidet          - This is another 5 star rated bidet – These electric bidets also offers the very
                                    best in technology.  This bidet is more of a pearlish white and
                                    comes in both elongated and round.

COCO 2235 Bidet                -This is a 4 star rated bidet – The electric bidet seat offers everything that
                                    the genesis 2235Re model offers except that it does not come with
                                    a remote. This electronic toilet seat comes in white/elongated.

Genesis 500 Bidet                  -This is a 4 star rated bidet – This washlet comes in white and in
                                    both elongated and round.

Genesis 200 Bidet                  -This is a 3 star rated bidet – This bidet attachment is non electric. 
                                    It can fit both the elongated and round toilet seat.  It also provides
                                    both warm and cold water.