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Educational Videos: Educate Yourself on the COCO Bidet

By Mike Edwards
January 11, 2008

These videos educate individuals on how toilet paper is made and how the COCO bidet can be an excellent replacement of toilet paper. The video also explains on how the COCO bidet works.

Many people don’t realize that we use over 57 sheets of toilet paper per day. That means that the average person uses over 20,000 sheets of toilet paper per year. Multiply that number by the billions of people there are in the world and you will get the idea of just how many trees are being cut down just for toilet paper.

The COCO bidet is also a much more hygienic way to clean ourselves than using toilet paper alone. For years now we have not seen much advancement in technology with personal hygiene until now. For example, we always make sure to wash our hands with water and then dry them with paper or a towel. The same principle should be applied to how we use the bathroom. The COCO bidet also dries the user with a warm air dryer making toilet paper virtually unnecessary.

Video On How Toilet Paper is Made:


Video On How The COCO Bidet Works:




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