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Best Toilet: The COCO Will Transform Almost Any Toilet Into the Best Toilet

By Mike Edwards
January 8, 2008

The traditional toilet is a thing of the past. For decades the toilet has been taken for granted partly due the lack of advancement in technology for toilets. We would simply use the toilet and be done. Now with the introduction of COCO bidets, the toilet has become much more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The COCO bidet makes using a toilet a much more enjoyable experience. The COCO bidet has a heated toilet seat, warm water, deodorizer, and warm air dryer. The COCO bidet toilet seat even has a digital remote control.

Many people feel that it is about time that we see advancements in the bathroom industry since so many of us spend a great portion of our lives in the bathroom. The greatest feature of the COCO bidet is that it can turn virtually any toilet into an advanced hygienic system without having to buy a new toilet.


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