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Best Bidet: Quite Simply The World's Best Bidets

By Mike Edwards
January 8, 2008

COCO bidets are the world’s best bidets. The COCO bidet unlike many other electric bidets transforms your toilet into a functional work of art. The COCO 6035R is unique in that it has an automatic function. This is essential in that with most electric bidets, you have to guess when you are clean. The automatic function runs through three different cycles within 60 seconds. After the 60 seconds is complete, the automatic dryer kicks in.

The COCO 6035R also uses two nozzles vs. one. This is great for women in that they don’t like the idea of one nozzle cleaning both the anterior and posterior regions. The COCO 6035R even comes with a remote that shows the user the water temperature and desired pressure setting. The COCO bidet comes with a full one year warranty and boast many other features to provide you with the best technology available.


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