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The COCO Bidet is the Toilet of Celebrities

By Mike Edwards
August 10, 2007

  celebrities using bidets

Bio Life Technologies cannot disclose which celebrities use a COCO bidet. Also Bio Life Technologies realizes that while the use of a COCO bidet can certainly help with marketing, the COCO bidet was intended for the general public. The COCO bidet was designed with everyone’s health and comfort in mind.

The COCO bidet is competitively priced to meet anyone’s budget. The COCO bidet was made to last a lifetime. But let’s say that we take 5 years which is 1825 days. If we take $500 and divide it by 1825 days then we come up with rough 28 cents. That means that the COCO bidet costs 28 cents a day or $2 a week. The average family spends twice that much for toilet paper.

So even though the COCO bidet is attractive to celebrities for its aesthetic value, the COCO bidet is priced for everyone.