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COCO bidet

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Using a Bidet may help save Trees.

By Mike Edwards
July 25, 2007


Who would have thought that by going green may actually mean using less toilet paper. The toilet paper industry is a multi billion dollar industry and of course they don’t want us to know that the average person uses of 20,000 sheets of toilet paper per year. Wow a family of five would use over 100,000 sheets of paper per year. I’m not saying go out and use three sheets of paper like Cheryl Crow implied but instead find an alternative.

An alternative to using so much toilet paper would be to use something like a COCO bidet. The COCO bidet only uses 1/8th of a gallon per use. To put this into perspective, the average toilet uses around 2 gallons of water per flush. Older toilets use around 5 gallons per flush. The COCO bidet would eliminate the need to use toilet paper. That’s not too shabby.

Not to mention that not only would we be saving more trees, we would also be a heck of a lot cleaner. We would be green and clean.