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Are we using the toilet the wrong way? 8.5 million People visit a doctor each year for urinary tract infections.

By Mike Edwards
July 24, 2007

Over 8 million people visit a doctor per year for urinary tract infections. Women are mostly at risk from developing urinary tract infections. Over half of all women will have UTI in their lifetime. A big factor is how we wipe.

This brings up a very interesting question. Is there something wrong with our hygiene habits? Women are supposed to wipe from front to back in order to reduce the chance of bacteria from the anus to enter the vagina. This rule of thumb is just stating to get out. Why isn’t this common knowledge?

I believe that bathroom etiquette has been a taboo subject and that is why so few females knew of the proper way to wipe. I also believe that toilet paper may not be the best way to clean up after ourselves when using the bathroom. I mean come on what type of cleaning ability does paper really have?

If we can cut the amount of people who visit a doctor for UTI related causes to 2 million think of the amount of money that would be saved. I recommend a change in our daily bathroom habits. Let’s replace toilet paper with the use of a bidet for example. Nowadays you don’t have to go out and get a separate commode. They have electric bidets that simply replace your toilet seat turning your toilet into a bidet. An example of one is the COCO bidet.

Secondly we need to consume much more water. Very few people drink over 8 glasses of water per day. We need water to flush out our toxins. And finally if you need to go use the restroom then by all means go. We are so busy these days that we hold our urine in and this is definitely not good and not what nature intended.

Bathroom etiquette is an embarrassing subject for some. But health issues should never be ignored.