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How another bidet company feels about the bidet billboard

By Mike Edwards
July 23, 2007

Interviewer: So John what do you think of the whole bidet billboard fiasco in
New York and how does it effect Bio Life technologies.

John Kang: Well Mike, as you know Bio Life Technologies is the manufacturer
of the COCO bidet and we definitely would like to stay out of the
radar. We are a very conservative company. However there is a
saying that bad publicity is still good publicity. A lot of people don’t
know the benefits of an electric bidet. So the awareness alone of
such a product can definitely help us.

Interviewer: Do you agree with the pastor that asked for the billboard of the bare
bottoms to be taken down from Time Square?

John Kang: Although I feel that the ad could have been presented on a lighter
note, I don’t agree with the pastor. I am a strong Christian but I also
believe that laws shouldn’t be passed based on the opinion of religion.
The company that placed the billboards have been doing this for years and
I am sure they know what they are doing.

Interviewer: Do you believe this will give a positive or negative impression on
the bidet industry?

John Kang: I believe it will give a positive impression. It was a bold statement
and for years now people have seen bidets as simply a luxury item
or a medical device. We need to realize that everyone can benefit
from using an electric bidet. Electric bidets are totally different than
the old separate commodes of the past. It’s like comparing a
calculator to a computer. The electric bidet specifically the COCO
bidet is the bathroom fixture of the future.