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Anal Itching

The anus has around 1000 wrinkles and crevices and therefore is difficult to clean. Our hands have around 60,000 germs. Our mouth has nearly 100,000 germs. Our anus has nearly 1,000,000 germs. Toilet paper cannot effectively clean this area. Many physicians purchase a COCO bidet because they know that many people suffer from anal itching because of poor hygiene. For as little as $89 you can upgrade your toilet and help alleviate anal itching and not to mention save money on toilet paper. The average person does not realize the amount of money he or she spends on toilet paper per year. Take the next step and invest in your health and well being for only $89. At the very least, every time you go to use the toilet ask yourself is toilet paper really getting the job done?


Would You Clean A Dirty Hand With Toilet Paper or Water?

Imagine landing on some feces with your hand. If someone saw you clean your hands
with just toilet paper no one would want to shake your hand. So ask yourself does it
make much sense to clean an area with thousands of wrinkles and crevices with
toilet paper or with water.
And wouldn’t using just toilet paper cause itching. The COCO bidet
cleanses you with clean tap water leaving you feeling clean and relieved.




The COCO 1035 bidet attachment is easy to install and requires no electricity. It can
upgrade almost any toilet. You owe it to yourself to at least give it a try. For only $59
you will not only save money on not having to buy so much toilet paper, you will also feel
more clean and refreshed.