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COCO 1000 Re Bidet
Convenient Remote

Easy to reach and easy to use remote control.
Powerful Deodorizer

Eliminates up to 90% of embarrassing odor.
Patented Nozzle

World's first 1 pocket 
3 nozzle system.
Auto Power Savings

Smart Auto Power Savings in 2 programs.
Powerful Air Dry

Up to 70% more powerful air dry.
Heated Seat

30% wider coverage heating element.

Soft aerated mist water stream for feminine cleansing.

Soft aerated water yet powerful enough for thorough cleansing.


Whirly mass of soft aerated water stream.

Pulsating Massage

Rhythmic pulsating action for soothing massage.
Self Cleaning

Auto self cleaning nozzle after & before each usage
Quick Release

Quick release feature allows easy cleaning.
Built in Filter

Filter prevents system from lime build up.
Self Diagnosis

Systems warn user of any malfunction.
Hydraulic Seat

Slow closing seat and cover.
Seat Sensor

Equipped Most advanced "Capacitance" Sensor.



Does Genesis-1000 require electricity?
- Yes it does, and it needs to be plugged into an existing outlet with GFI. 

How do you get a warm water supply?
- Genesis-1000 connects only to cold water connection.  It has a built in water tank and heater.  
  Water temperature and pressure is electronically regulated for consistency.

Is a professional plumber recommended for installation?
-All offered Genesis products are designed for D.I.Y.  Installation and is simple as 1,2,3  
 requiring no special skill or tools at all.

Is it going to fit my toilet?
-Genesis-1000 is designed to fit most 2 piece toilets.  However, some restrictions may apply to 1 piece toilets.  Please consult our professional sales representatives if yours is a 1 piece toilets.

How long does it take to deliver?
-All orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours via UPS ground service.
 Order will be shipped out of local dealers in your region and takes 2 to 6 days to deliver.

Specification BB-1000 Supreme Bidet
Power Rating AC 120V 60Hz 660W
Water Inlet Type Type Direct Inlet flow type
Water Inlet Pressure 0.4~7.5 Kgf/cm2 (5.69 psi~106.7psi)
Power Cord 1.2 m (4 ft)
Wash Device Posterior Wash Max. 1.2L/Min (Max. 0.32 GPM)
Anterior Wash Max. 1.2L/Min (Max. 0.32 GPM)
Water Pressure Adjustable 5 Levels
Warm Water Temp. Room Temp ~ 40C
Heater 600W
Safety Devices Thermal fuse, thermal switch, Float switch
Heated Seat Temperature Room Temp ~ 40C
Heater 55W
Safety Devices Thermal Fuse
Warm Air Dryer Dry Temp.
Room Temp ~ 45 C
Heater 250W
Safety Device
Thermal Fuse
Enema Function O
Deodorizer O
Remote Control O
Inlet Water Temperature 3C~35C (37.4 F ~ 95 F)
Ambient Temperature 3C~40C (37.4F ~ 104F)
Dimension Elongated Round
W: 475mm-18.7"
L: 525mm-20.6"
H: 185mm-7.28"
W: 475mm-18.7"
L: 493mm-19.4"
H: 185mm-7.28"
Weight 5.2 KG / 10.7 LBS


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