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COCO 8035R Hybrid Bidet

The COCO 8035R is one of our latest innovations. This is the very first "electric bidet" that does not need an outlet. Every time you flush the toilet the water pressure powers a generator and then charges a rechargeable battery.

*PLEASE NOTE - This model has NO warm water and NO heated seat

Hydro Power Generator
(Doesn't need electricity)
Aluminum Nozzle
Adjustable Nozzle Position
Adjustable Water Pressure
Universal Fitting
Posterior and Feminine Wash
Soft Closing Lid and Seat
Wireless Remote

List Price $499 Sale Price $157.99


$157.99 FREE Shipping BUY NOW


COCO 8035R


Water Supply

Connection Method

Direct connection to tap water

Water Pressure

14.5psi ~ 98.6psi (0.1mPa ~ 0.68mPa)


Maximum 1 L/min, automatic nozzle self-cleaning function


Maximum 1 L/min, automatic nozzle self-cleaning function

Water Temperature

Room temp



Water Pressure Control

2 Levels Micom Control


11.4 LBS

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